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Avocado Trees

With Florida, self-sufficiency and organic foods such rising trends, many homeowners are growing their own fruits and vegetables. After all, what better way is there to know that the food we’re feeding our family is fresh and safe than to grow it ourselves. The problem with homegrown fruits, however, is that not all fruit trees can grow in all areas. This article specifically discusses what fruit trees grow in zone 8.

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Types Of Avocado Trees We Offer

bacon avocado.png

           Bacon Avocado

The Bacon avocado is a medium-sized green avocado that stays green when ripe.  The flesh is yellowish green in color and has a good flavor. It is a Type B avocado and will produce fruits on its own but will produce more when planted with a Type A avocado such as Pinkerton.  

Fruit Season:  October-January

Fruit Weight:   9-16 oz.

Seed Size:       Large

Tree Size:        Large

Hardiness:       Very Hardy to 24°F

 Flavor:            Good


       Florida Haas Avocado

HAAS is a Mexican type avocado, and it is the number one commercial variety in California. It is renowned for is rich nutty flavor and high oil content. A single fruit weighing only a half a pound
                  Harvest Nov – Dec


    Marco's Pumpkin Avocado

Very rare and hard to find variety! Marco’s Pumpkin Avocado – Green, Large, Round, Pumpkin shaped Fruit 30-40 oz. Good Cream flavor. It is so unique in its shape. It is hard to eat a whole one because of its size
                Harvest Oct – Nov


         Nishikawa Avocado

Nishikawa variety of Avocado is originated in Hawaii. Oval fruit is somewhat resemble Hass variety of avocado, but larger. Has very high oil content.
             Harvest Nov – Dec

Super-Hass-1 (1).jpg

       Super Hass Avocado

The tree produces nubby, black-skinned fruit prized for its taste and loved by grocers for its long shelf life. It is renowned for is rich nutty flavor and high oil content. A single fruit can weigh over a pound.
            Harvest Sept – Oct


          Choquette Avocado

The Choquette Avocado produces large 24 to 40 ounce fruits. The oval smooth skinned fruit is a glossy green. The flesh is delicious and is of high quality with 13% oil. The tree is medium sized, spreading and makes a nice shade tree. The Choquette prefers full sun and good drainage and adequate oisture.

       Fruit Season:   Dec – March


               Day Avocado

The Day avocado is by far the easiest avocado to fruit in a pot. Plants will fruit at about 3 feet in height and will produce a medium-sized tapered-neck avocado that is easy to peel and has a delicious, buttery sweet taste.
                Harvest Sept – Oct


          Mexicola Avocado

Mexicola Avocado is an excellent quality, frost hardy variety producing Mexican type fruit to 6 to 12 ounces with thin black skin.The compact tree is perfect for backyard use, doing well in full sun or light shade.
                       Harvest July


           Oro Negro Avocado

Oro Negro means black gold in Spanish, which is an incredibly appropriate name for this fruit.The flesh is rich and buttery with a creamy texture that is sure not to disappoint.
                   Harvest Dec – Jan

Simmonds-1 (1).jpg

        Simmonds Avocado

The Simmonds is South Florida’s most popular early season avocado. Good production, exceptional trade acceptance, and superb eating quality make it an excellent choice for the home garden or grove.
             Harvest July – Sept

florida avocado.png

           Florida Avocado

Florida avocados are different from other types of avocados in terms of flavor and appearance. They are unique in that their skin color does not change when they ripen. The skin is kelly green, smooth and occasionally spotted with brown streaks. Although their skin is steadfastly attached to the flesh of the fruit, it is rather easy to peel off. As for the flesh part, it is soft, pliable, cornflower gold and rich in moisture. It has a huge central pit and its flavor depicts subtle notes of nuts, such as filberts, almonds, as well as grass..
     Fruit Season:   Late May - January


            Lila Late Avocado

Lila similar to Opal is an early season avocado, and weighs 6–12 ounces. The skin color is green and is a little thicker than the Brazos Belle, but not as thick as our usual Florida varieties. The fruit has a good flavor.
                 Harvest Dec – March


      Winter Mexican Avocado

Small, dark skinned fruit with rich, nutty flavor.Grows to about 40 feet in about 25 years. The compact tree is perfect for backyard use, doing well in full sun or light shade.
                    Harvest Nov – Jan


                Hall Avocado

A relative of the Choquette and similar in shape and size, the Hall avocado has nuttier, drier and thicker flesh, though still juicy and fruity.
                  Harvest Oct – Nov

Wurtz-1 (1).jpg

             Wurtz Avocado

Valued for its dark-green fruit, the Wurtz avocado tree will provide your home with an abundance of fresh avocados while enhancing the landscape with its evergreen foliage.
              Harvest Jan – March

Image by Jackie DiLorenzo

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